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About Us

Our Mission

We do it for the sake of Allah, and pleasing him. We do it to continue a Sunnah our prophet engaged in, which is trade. We do it, as a way of creating an enterprise, it’s not human to human anymore, it’s an entire brand that pushes normative Islamic Teachings, as relayed by the prophet and the first three generations on a Global Scale.  

Starting at the age of 14, my peers would approach me to discuss their faith in God, but I had no real understanding or interest in the topic. My response was simply to encourage them to follow the religious traditions of their family and community. Looking back, I realized that my own faith was not rooted in any kind of reasoning or deep understanding, but rather it was just a habit of following the religious customs of my family and society. Unfortunately, this lack of genuine belief and understanding would eventually lead to some difficulties for me, which now, Alhamdullilah have been overcome through recognizing the shallow and contradictory nature of alternative or “competing” worldviews. As I grew older, it became increasingly evident to me that the establishment was not only promoting atheism and degeneracy but also that these ideologies were at the root of the unhappiness and discontentment of many people. The emptiness of their worldview, based solely on empiricism, led to a society where people are encouraged to reject any sense of purpose or meaning beyond what could be empirically verified. This narrow-minded approach to life and the rational faculties of man leave many people feeling lost and unfulfilled, unable to find a sense of purpose and meaning. Habitual conversations in class discussing the motives of a killer or a psychopath, all of them trying to satisfy a thirst we have as humans to feel content. 

It has become abundantly clear to me that atheism is a corrosive force that actively undermines the foundations of a fulfilling and joyful society. Its pernicious influence is evident in the societal breakdowns of children being separated from their mothers at birth or mothers being coerced into working long hours to provide for their families. The atheistic worldview has a track record of desensitizing classrooms to discussions on violence and murder, all in the name of so-called reason and progress. It is high time that we recognize atheism for what it truly is – a destructive ideology that is tearing apart the very fabric of our communities and we ask Allah that he purifies our initiative in bringing the youth back to Islam and true monotheism, unfettered.

For the Muslim da’ees in the west, we ask Allah, that he uses our brand as a catalyst for you, in your own projects, and your aid in the path of Allah through the means of our wealth. 

Liban Sheikh
My Story

My Father was my mentor on the matters of how the world works, giving me deep insights to the reality of the world based on his experience, be it cold and dark, or cheerful and bright. He went across states to work all week, and come see us on the weekends, all to put dinner on the plate. For me to throw it in his face, and sit down at home, playing video games 10 hours a day stuck with me, and I needed to find a better way to spend my youth. First, through keeping my prayers, and learning beneficial Islamic Knowledge, and secondly, find ways to earn in a way ordained by Allah. That requires sacrifice, and Allah is not unjust to the likes of the strip on the date seed. My father wants is to see me successful financially here in the United States, not dependant on loans to purchase a house or insurance to cover car damage, remaining uncomprimising to the rulings of Islam, seemingly impossible nowadays. 

My mother played a significant role in nurturing my religious beliefs. She possessed a remarkable insight into my intentions when I embarked on creating my brand, and through that understanding, she gained confidence that Allah would ensure its starting. However, the primary catalyst for this journey was undeniably my personal life, which existed away from the cameras and the public eye, where I found solace in reading the Quran. The profound exhilaration I experienced while immersing myself in the divine verses remains as true today as it was when I first encountered them.

In the midst of writing this, my mother came downstairs talking to someone on the phone, and a perfect example lies in her speech. 

“Continue taa te goal je khorer, te to inshallah hoibo inshallah.” Rough Translation: “If you continue in your goal, then god will allow it to happen if he wills”

*15 mins later “Business the emon kichu nai je lacke favor kortha, allah shaijo kortha.” Rough Translation: A business is not a thing in which luck will favor you (ie if you work towards it, it will grow), only if god sustains it.”

*10 mins later “Shob shomo encourage khorio, hopless hoina, hope rakte allah shojo khorbo, hopeless hoithe nah.” Rough Translation: Always encourage, don’t become hopeless, if you keep hope, Allah will sustain you, tell her not to become hopeless.”

She places her faith in Allah in supporting the brand. I swear by Allah, I can’t ask for greater help except her faith that Allah will aid us in our mission. This is the lens my mother views me through, and my goal. I can only ask that Allah bless my mother with the highest in this world and the next. 

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